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          A Canine Caregivers therapy dog is not a commodity to be bought, sold, traded, or given away. A Canine Caregivers therapy dog is half of a team with an unbreakable bond. A Canine Caregivers therapy dog is a valued member of their human family. A Canine Caregivers therapy dog team, dog and owner, are two committed volunteers who serve people in need in their community.

      Most Important :

    The commitment of the handler to visitation of patients and to activities/meetings to support the Canine Caregivers group is an important part of our requirements and will be a consideration in evaluation of you and your dog.

       Your dog DOES NOT have to be a purebred dog. All breeds are accepted. You and your dog are evaluated based on your suitability for therapy work as a team.

       Your dog's suitability for therapy work will be evaluated and considered on an individual basis. Some dogs may go through a more extensive temperament test if our evaluator feels it is necessary. This has nothing to do with the breed of the dog. This is based totally on behavior presented at the time of evaluation and the known history of dog.
       A dog that has been trained to attack or guard at any level, or has been trained with the use of an electronic e-collar, will not be considered for certification through Canine Caregivers.



Step 1. CGC Evaluation- (Step 1 or step 2 can be done first.)

The handler and dog must complete and pass a Canine Good Citizen Evaluation together. This can be done through Canine Caregivers or any registered AKC Canine Good Citizen Program Evaluator. Go to for more info and exactly what skills you and your dog will need for this test. If you wish to take the CGC Evaluation thru Canine Caregivers or wish to find out if you and your dog are ready for the CGC please call AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator Nina Dix@ 704-213-7270.

Step 2. Temperament/Handling/History Evaluation-

You will need to schedule an appointment to let us meet you and your dog. We will do a temperament/handling evaluation with your dog at this time, as well as discuss your dog's history with you. A Canine Caregivers therapy dog team is just that ... a team. The relationship you have with your dog will also be a factor to be considered for certification. 

       This evaluation is also to demonstrate that your dog will allow close petting and handling with a stranger, or strangers, as in a therapy situation. This step can be done first if you wish. There would be no reason to proceed with training for the Canine Caregivers certification if your dog's temperament or history is not suited for therapy with Canine Caregivers. Many dogs and handlers may pass a Canine Good Citizen Evaluation, may be exceptional at obedience or other dog competition skills ... and still not be candidates for therapy with Canine Caregivers. Although a therapy dog needs to be extremely well mannered, therapy is not about showcasing a dog's skills or the handler's ability to train. Therapy to Canine Caregivers is about you and your dog (your  partner) helping people in need and serving the community.  

Step 3. Public Manners Evaluation-

Once you and your dog have passed a Canine Good Citizen evaluation and our required temperament testing, the Step 3 and 4 of our certification process is considered a training for actual therapy work. You and your dog will be evaluated at a public place (i.e. Petsmart, Tractor Supply, etc.) This evaluation will check for you dog's ability to maintain manners in a public place. This evaluation will not require contact with other dogs. But there will be contact with "friendly strangers".If there are issues, you and your dog will receive training free of charge from our Canine Caregivers certified trainer.

Step 4. Visiting Manners Evaluation-

This is the final stage of evaluation for you and your dog. You will be evaluated as a team during at least one actual therapy visit. Your attitude and interaction with the people that you and your dog may encounter during therapy/visitation will be evaluated. This includes the person or persons at the focus of the therapy visit, other therapy dogs or resident dogs, and everyone else. Your attitude toward anyone you and your dog encounter while visiting as a Canine Caregivers therapy team is a direct reflection on the rest of the group. Our goal is to "serve" and that is the focus of our therapy teams. Your attitude toward anyone you and your dog encounter is an important part of the Canine Caregivers evaluation process. Like step #3...if there are any issues, your and your dog will receive training and instruction free of charge from our certified trainer.

 There is no time limit for the completion of these evaluations. All dogs and people are different. Canine Caregivers offers training sessions at no charge to dogs/handlers during this evaluation process "after" the dog/handler successfully complete Steps 1&2 (above) of the Canine Caregivers evaluation process.

Your dog will be disqualified as a candidate for Canine Caregivers if he/she shows aggression during testing towards any person or another animal.